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Zephyr Online Investment Advisory Services

We focus on growing your wealth to enable you to achieve your Financial Goals

Wealth can Grow only with Growth Assets and we will Construct Equity Portfolios for your Wealth to Grow. Fixed Income Portfolios will be constructed to reflect risk preference. The primary factor going into construction on Equity or Fixed Income Portfolios is the Future Outlook on the Markets, Businesses and Economies

We understand that Equities have their UPs and DOWNs and we will make sure that when Equities are DOWN, you are not left exposed

Minimalistic Approach to Investments

We completely believe in "Few makes the Most". Every asset class in your Portfolio, be it Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Gold will be there only if they deserve to be there. No blind Asset Allocation, No unnecessary Financial Products and No Extra Transaction and Maintenance Cost

Zephyr Online Investment Advisory Services is a division of Zephyr Financial Publishers Private Limited, which is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

Zephyr Online Investment Advisory Services is a Pure Investment Advisory Service. We do not transact for you, we do not sell you any Financial Products and we are completely unbiased and impartial in our Investment Advise

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