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Warren Buffet over the last fifteen years has not embraced the biggest value creators such as Apple, Google and Amazon. A look at the time period performance of Berkshire Hathaway Read More
Podcast 27th November 2015 In all this debate on intolerance in India, lets talk about tolerance. Indian investors would be amongst the most tolerant in the World and I do not say Read More
The 1st December  RBI monetary policy has a lot of significance to markets and your investments. Arjun Parthasarathy will take all your questions on the policy at 2 pm on the on 1sRead More
Benchmark bond yields globally dropped last week as demand for safe heaven asset rose after Turkish jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Turkey-Syrian border, adding worries Read More
Why investors make emotional decisions and how to avoid them. Do you feel overwhelmed when faced with having to choose a scrip to buy or an SIP or MF to invest your hard earned casRead More
Mutual Funds exposure to government securities, PSU debt and real estate debt was at Rs 1386 billion, Rs 726 billion and Rs 32.71 billion respectively as of end October 2015, as peRead More
Indian Rupee depreciated by 0.15% against USD but appreciated by 1.12% against Euro last week. The INR reacted to the 13th November 2015 terror attack on Paris and also to a risingRead More
Government bond yields rose last week on the back of the release of the report by the 7th Pay Commission. The commission has recommended hikes in pay, allowance and pension (PAP) oRead More
The 7th Pay Commission report envisages an impact of 0.65% on fiscal deficit to GDP ratio based on an absolute impact of Rs 1.02 trillion in the budget for fiscal 2016-17. The pay Read More